Smoked Ham Hermy

4/12/1989 ~ 1:42:55AM EST

      ||  (   ||
      ||  /\  ||
      || )  ( ||
      ||/    \||      His hospital window... the flowers I gave him inside
      ||  @   ||
      ||   \_ ||
      ||   (_)||

A friend of the family is in the hospital for unknown reasons. The doctors said he needed to stay so he did. They are running tests on him to make sure he does not have any sort of catastrophic internal bleeding or hemoraging. Their main concern is his liver rupturing, says the nurse.

He has decided to play it safe and listen to the doctors. Several of the doctors there tell us that if you are from Thelialope County and travel outside the county lines you have diplomatic immunity. You can do whatever you want then because the police would be out of their jurisdiction if they were to attempt any sort of disruption to your freedom.

Our family friend agrees with the doctors but I am still slightly speculative.

Yesterday I visited our family friend to say hello and bring him a bouquet of flowers. The smell of smoked ham was hanging heavy in the air so I asked him,"They are feeding you smoked ham, aye?" He stared blankly at me but I knew he was puzzled at what I said. He has been taking several heavy medications lately, prescribed by his doctors. "We only get turkey and mashed potatoes this week." he told me. His nurse came in to change his bed pan so I decided to leave.