The Rabbid Runner

4/22/1989 ~ 5:13:25PM        __.@
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    After reading this great new comic, called Dilbert, I started watching the marithon that my very own brother was in. He had already passed by so I had lost interest in watching for a few minutes and read some news and the new comic, of course.

    As I looked up I noticed a frantic little squirel running between the feet of the runners. A few runners noticed the little guy and tried skipping a step treading upon him. This just caused a messy pile up of skin and bones on the wet road. I forgot to mention it was kind of misty today. The squirel was nearly caught under this pile up. In the chaos, the squirel bit someone. I saw it. Most of the runners did not see what had actually caused it all so got up and continued running. Usually if someone is really hurt there are people on hand that take care of them.

    The man who was bitten also got up and continued running. He knew he was bit, I saw him look down at his shin, where the bite was. I was not going to say anything, it was his choice to continue running. The end of the race might be rough for him though.

    About an hour later almost everyone was waiting at the finish line. There were only two people I had my eye out for, my brother and the guy with the squirel bite.

    I saw my brother. He was sweating and looked exhausted, as did the rest of the runners. About twenty feet behind my brother I noticed the man with the bite. He was wide eyed and kept looking at the people around him. He seemed to be a little paranoid. I watched him as closely as possible as his head bounced up and down out of sight into the rest of the runners and back up into view. As he got closer the outline of foam around his mouth and a wrinkled expression around his bloodshot eyes became more clear. Then he noticed an uncomfortable look from a fellow runner and lunged at him.