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This BASH script is named bm.sh because it is sort of like a bowel movement. It removes the waste that causes disorder in your directories from uppercase JPG file extensions and bad file names.

The script moves all files ending in .JPG to .jpg. It also gives you the option to name each file with a common name and then number them so that each batch of JPG files is separated from the others. Below is an example of what this script can do at the moment. This script is still in its infancy and will be expanded on, again, one day (maybe).

name.JPG (and .jpg) can be changed to the following: name.1.jpg or name.jpg

In the examples above name can be the original name of the file or a common name that is given to each JPG file followed by a number which differentiates that file from the rest. Like so:

commonName.1.jpg commonName.2.jpg commonName.3.jpg otherName.1.jpg otherName.2.jpg...and so on...

Using The Script

There is no installation necessary. Simply download the script and run chmod 755 bm.sh to make the file executable but not writable.

To run the script you simply enter: ./bm.sh into the shell.


Change Log

Updates from 1.1 to 1.11 (03-15-12)